Carla Rossi Academy - INITS

Semester Abroad

Internship and Italian Language Program in Tuscany

for Undergraduate Students and Independent Scholars/Artists

This unique, intensive semester-abroad program is designed to give students a new way of immersing themselves completely into Italian language and culture while at the same time advancing their academic and professional interests.Students selected to participate in this program will complete a professional, academic internship alongside seasoned professionals in their fields, but also follow a rigorous academic curriculum aimed at improving their grammar and conversational skills, which are necessary to enhance their Internship experience. This will permit students not only to gather valuable professional experiences, but also allow them to immerse themselves deeper into the Italian cultural perspective, interacting in the target language on a completely natural level with professionals while working on the completion of a project or a performance outside of an “artificial” academic context.

Academic courses will be taken at the Carla Rossi Academy-INITS in Monsummano Terme (Pistoia), which will function as the student’s home base, while internships will be arranged in various locations within the province of Pistoia in Tuscany or within the CRA-INIT's own Divine Comedy Project. Albeit this is a program for independent, mature students, students will be closely followed and all of their academic and internship work monitored on a regular basis by the onsite faculty. This is a program open to highly motivated students at all levels of Italian. Please see "Course Program" below for a description of the various levels.

Students with more than 5 semesters of college level Italian may enroll directly in two courses at the University of Florence or the University of Pisa while completing their internship. Intermediate and Advanced students who do not which to complete an Internship may alternatively enroll for two courses in their areas of interest at the University of Florence or the University of Pisa while completing the Italian Language course at the Academy.

This is a program open to college undergraduate students as well as Independent Scholars and Artists.

Carla Rossi Academy-INITS
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