University Seminars and Intensive Courses

The seminars and intensive courses focus mainly on problems of Dante’s hermeneutics related to the analysis of the Divine Comedy, in order to allow students specializing in Italian Studies to appreciate all the complexity and richness of that poetic universe which is so crucial to the constitution of the Italian and European Renaissance.

The primary purpose of the CRA-INITS seminars and intensive courses is to perfect the literary preparation of international participants, also trying to refine their use of the Italian language regarding verbal and written communication, providing students with the knowledge of essential critical tools for interpreting Dante’s text. During the entire course, at the end of each lesson, a discussion is organized in which students are required to speak, commenting on both the subject proposed by their professor and the interventions of colleagues.

The conduct of the courses involves the preparation of a research paper by each student. At the end of every seminar or intensive course, the individual achievement of students is assessed on the basis of the results of oral presentations and final written and oral exams.