The Significance of the Plague in I Promessi Sposi

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Santa Ferretti
TitoloThe Significance of the Plague in I Promessi Sposi
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GenereStudio critico interpretativo
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EdizioneDicembre 2017

What do you consider to be the significance of the plague in I Promessi Sposi ?Is the plague the divine revenge, is it punishment and atonement of guilt for the injustice committed by man or the Evil acts indifferently and unreasonably without the providential divine will ? Manzoni’s plague is not -nor does it set out to be- a history of plague in the traditional sense.This metaphor of Evil hiding in the hearts of men, what does it mean ? In the intention of the writer is rather the story of men which their virtues and their defects. Some however responded much better than others ; the plague-tragedy gave the opportunity to some to show humanity, initiative, courage, civil sense. But at the same time tragedy and death were not enough to eliminate from the hearts of people avarice and pettiness.Keywords: literature, plague, divine justice.

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